S2e3 mount morty and summer
DIMENSION Replacement dimension
TYPE planet
FIRST EPISODE Auto Erotic Assimilation
After we broke up, I spent some time wandering through space. Then I found this world where I was better able to focus on my passion for unification.

The planet Unity has entirely assimilated, and plans to use to assimilate the Galactic Federation. However, Unity's current plans for the planet are unknown due to the Federation's destruction in "The Rickshank Rickdemption".


The inhabitants are blue-skinned humanoids with three yellow-tipped protrusions on their heads. There are differences in nipple structure as some have flat concentric nipple rings, and others have cone nipples.

In the absence of Unity's control, the inhabitants instantly devolve into starting a race war based on their nipple differences. The unassimilated crew of the S.S. Independence do not exhibit this, but they may have all been of a similar nipple-type.


Beta-Seven is referred to as a "neighboring hive-mind species" and it refers to itself as having a planet, so we can assume that it's planet is nearby, but we have no further relative location information.

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