Vampires are categorized as humanoid, undead, bat or snake like, fanged, ghostly, and/or demonic creatures

Rick and Morty - Vampires Are Real02:00

Rick and Morty - Vampires Are Real

that feed off blood and drained their victims. According to Rick, they have lived on Earth and existed among humans for hundreds of years. They have been placed in myths and legends by humans, while they hide among them. As some popular culture dictates, at least some vampires live as counts within dark mansions. As shown in the series, wood piecing their heart can kill them. They where referenced in the episode "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez", and where even seen in the post credit scene of said episode. One such vampire was Coach Feratu.

Rick and Morty - Vampires00:45

Rick and Morty - Vampires

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