S2e8 great leader

The Wheelchair Alien is an alien that appeared in the episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate. His voice actor is Werner Herzog


The Old Reptile is a very elderly alien who was in a wheelchair. His face is wrinkled with the skin on the face being yellow and orange colored while his chin had tentacle like appendages that were shaded blue on the tips. He has many brown colored spikes on his head. He wears a red robe with some tan on the middle. His hands consists of two fingers while his feet have three toes.


  • The actual name of the Old Reptile is unknown, however Herzog is credit as voicing Shrimply Pibbles.
  • His robe, combined with the fact that he appeared when the doctors and alien diplomats were talking to Jerry about donating his private parts to save Shrimply Pibbles caused many viewers to mistake the Old Reptile for Pibbles himself

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