Zeep Xanflorp
Age: Unknown(Most likely young adulthood)
Status: Alive
Job: Scientist
Place of origin: Microverse Battery
First seen in: The Ricks Must Be Crazy
Main voice actor: Stephen Colbert
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Eek barba durkel, somebody's gonna get laid in college.
—Zeep responds to Rick's allegations that his Miniverse is slavery[src]
Zeep Xanflorp is a scientist within Rick's Microverse Battery who creates his own micro-planet power supply called the Miniverse. His development of a new power supply prevents Rick from using his flying car. Zeep is depicted as arrogant and very intelligent, and in many ways a parallel of Rick Sanchez.


Zeep has been shown to be arrogant, self-loathing and very prideful which is only outshined by his genius. He shares many personality traits with Rick Sanchez and has many traits of the stereotypical genius. Once he figures out the meaning of his universe, he is shown to go from disliking to resenting Rick. Like Rick, Zeep has a vice; opium.


Rick Sanchez

Rick took an immediate disliking to Zeep, due to their alarmingly similar ideas and personalities. While likewise indifferent and somewhat disliking of Rick, due to him only knowing Rick as an alien visitor who granted his planet with an "outdated" power system, Zeep's feelings towards his 'creator' eventually evolve into an outright hatred and resentment, especially once he realizes why his universe was created. After a duel where Rick bests him, he seems to come to an understanding of how Rick works. At the end of the episode, even though Zeep may not have a better opinion of Rick, he begrudgingly accepts that his fate is in Rick's hands.


  • Zeep is an Opium addict
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